what it *actually* takes to be successful on IG

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020
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✨What it actually takes to be successful on Instagram✨

You want to know what it actually takes to be successful on Instagram?

It's not the pretty pictures.

It's not the pretty stories.

It's not posting every day, or even four times a day (Brendon Burchard, I love you, but just...no...)

It's none of those things.

Yes, it helps to have pretty pictures to catch someone's attention. But pretty pictures don't even make you money (I mean, unless you want lifelong supplies of #sugarbearhaircare)



none of that.

Here's the deal. 

You can have thousands of followers and crickets when it comes to selling your product/service/offer.

You can have 500 followers on Instagram and be absolutely solidly BOOKED OUT on dream clients,...

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