Meet Your Hosts


Mia is an Instagram strategist that is just a little obsessed with the tiny pocket platform that creates massive impact. Mia works with mama entrepreneurs to claim their worth and rediscover their voice. Mia believes in the power of relationships and loves creating mindset shifts that help mamas show up, get seen, and make money!



Hilary is a Minnesota mom of 4, has no college degree, and got gritty building scaling and launching her business in the last 2.5 years on the backs of 2 prior businesses she opened with her husband, but this time did it solo. She has impacted over 300 people (men and women!) and on a mission to show that you don't need the fancy stuff to make a shit ton of money, and your marketing can be simple, clear, and to the point- with a hidden agenda to showcase that the difference in your services and offers is YOU. You are the secret. She doesn't shy away from the tough love, and has an semi unhealthy relationship with the Green Bay Packers.


Meet Your Speakers

Kate Lombardo
Overcoming Obstacles + Facing Fears While Building A Business You Love

Kate Lombardo is an expert in leading a happy life by embracing big changes. She is a yoga teacher + trainer, digital course creator, educator, speaker, + wellness entrepreneur. She's travel obsessed + a total foodie-- you can usually find her cooking-in on a Saturday night with a really nice glass of Italian red wine. She lives in a little mile-square city called Hoboken, NJ with her husband and 1-year-old son. 6 years ago she was trapped in a job that left her feeling unfulfilled + unhappy and is now the biggest supporter of anyone looking to build the life of their dreams while finding joy in the messy-middle along the way.


Meagan Hernandez 

Overcoming Emotional & Mental Abuse

Meagan Wright Hernandez is a mom of 2, wife to her Colombian sweetheart and a Tax Accountant & Financial Educator. After having their son, Nicolas
or "Nico" over 3 years ago, Meagan decided she was tired of the Corporate life and started her own Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax business. Once her
daughter, Camila or "Mila" came along over 1 year ago, Meagan had grown her business into an agency where she serves Emerging Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners as well as provides courses and coaching to Small Business Owners and to aspiring Bookkeepers. As a now established business, Meagan has found her passion truly lies in working with soul-led, heart-centered and genuinely kind people - equipping them to get the most tax savings, to operate their businesses in compliance and to have a system in place for financial growth & success.


Alli Williams
Go From Overwhelmed to Confident With Your Finances

Alli is the founder and CEO of FinanciALLI Focused, a financial literacy company helping people create a flexible financial plan they can actually stick to (no deprivation here). She has helped hundreds of people pay off debt, build savings, spend on what they value, invest, and feel confident with their finances. She paid off over six-figures of debt while still saving, investing, and buying season football tickets.

Alli’s work has been featured on Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, GVL Today, Cola Today, WSPA 7 News, and more. Alli has her MBA in Finance and lives in South Carolina with her husband and son. She spends her time at football games (Go Gamecocks!) and with a Starbucks latte in her hand.


Stephanie Llewellyn
Making the Decision to Take the Path That Leads to Happiness And Fulfillment

I'm a single mom of 1 from Northeast Ohio, I'm a college drop-out who took the scenic route to success. I'm the Founder + CEO of The Social Vine, LLC., and a Business Alignment Coach. I originally created my company to make ends meet for me and my son but it has since taken on a life of its own as things tend to do when we follow our passions. I work with female entrepreneurs who thrive on taking messy action and are passionate about growing their businesses outside of the box, but in alignment with their values and who they are, helping them to simplify and align the businesses they have created to achieve their goals and the lifestyle they want. I am the host of the "Who Does She Think She Is" Podcast, a show about unconventional success and I love a good, unfiltered, rags to riches story about someone who took a risk, made a decision to do something that didn't make sense in the moment but ultimately ended up changing their life because they decided to bet on themselves. I love creating, speaking life over other people's ideas and am always willing to be the first to walk into unknown or unfamiliar spaces to create a light for other people to see their way and show them what is possible if they would just stop overthinking and just start to move forward. 
I am a huge supporter of business owners sharing the full, no bullshit, blood, sweat, tears, and failure, story behind their success to help create the roadmap for other aspiring entrepreneurs. The Storyteller's Summit was created for those stories and I am honored to share mine with all of you!


Corey Harrington
A Journey From the Depths of Longterm Opioid Abuse to IRONMAN: A Journey that Forever Changed My Life

Corey Harrington was a professional athlete. Then he fell into a deep dark hole where he secretly abused opioids for 10 years. Now, he is an IRONMAN. He had to fight like hell to get out of the darkness. His journey as a professional athlete, husband, father, drug abuser, brother and professional transcends all demographics. ALL humans struggle, but we are not alone. His life forever changed the moment he asked for help and traded his shame for authenticity. Through authenticity, vulnerability, honesty, integrity, and a ton of hard work, he has found more fulfillment, drive, confidence, success and joy in all areas of his life than he ever thought possible. He has turned keeping promises to himself into his super power to achieve incredible things and create deep, meaningful change in his personal relationships and professional, health, and fitness endeavors. He went from the edge of giving up on himself to an IRONMAN. Anything is possible and he is proof. The strength it took to survive the silent struggle of opioid abuse has become the strength it takes for Corey to thrive.


Catherine Hildner
How To Light A Fire Under Your Boobies Like the Confident, Bad Ass Bitch You Were Born To Be 

The pink suited, seemingly confident Kitty Meow brand didn't just magically come to be overnight. It took many years of struggling with and overcoming lack of focus, direction, zero confidence, and really struggling to find a voice before I really stepped into the woman and business owner I am today.

I'm just a regular person trying to build a business and figure it out as I go. We all have hardships and struggles - we all started at the bottom. It's important to be vulnerable and shine a light on those hard times and not pretend like they're all fancy, Instagrammable moments.

Despite the version of myself I portray on the internet I still struggle with confidence every day. I'm miles ahead of where I used to be in my early 20s - Las Vegas partying days, but I've done the work to be a better human and I want to share that with other women so they can be better and feel more confident too.


Lisa Rigoli
From Climbing The Corporate Ladder to Rocking a 9-5 With a Permanent Side Hustle

I’m Lisa Rigoli, HR Director, Instagram Mentor, wife to my childhood friend, and mom to two beautiful girls. Let’s just say, I proudly wear #allthehats!

For 5+ years I’ve been juggling the corporate and side business life. I’m passionate about working with other busy hustlers that are looking to build a side empire that creates impact. Intentional launch plan that helps attract, nurture, and convert ideal clients with ease, without spending countless hours on the ‘Gram, is the name of the game (and is how I do it all)!


Michelle Vroom
How I Recovered From Losing 3 Clients in One Day

Michelle Vroom is a Business Coach with more than 15 years of experience with nonprofits, agencies, and big corporations. Now she helps talented entrepreneurs market themselves and grow to 6-figures (and beyond). Michelle understands the challenges of limited resources and time, and shares her proven methods for visibility and relationship building to get clients and grow your business.


Tracey Matney
How I Took the Experience of 30,000 Sales Conversations and Turned It Into a $30k/Month Freelancing Business

Tracey Matney helps freelancers make more sales without feeling salesy. Her students learn how to use their natural desire to serve by being their true selves in sales conversations. They overcome rejection -- and objections -- and create win-win agreements using the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method to get more of the right clients.

Tracey is also the CEO of Victory Points Social, a digital marketing agency helping influential entrepreneurs create conversations that convert clicks into customers. She took the experience of 30,000 sales conversations by the age of 30 and turned it into a $30k/mo freelancing business in just 3 years.


Tracy Litt
Trusting Yourself Is Your Most Potent Superpower

I remember the day I found myself as a single mother with an 8 month old baby (yes you read that right) with no college degree and no job.

That was the first time the woman in my vision (my higher self) showed up demanding that I create more for myself, and that sweet baby girl.
I let HER lead and that was the catalyst that led me to climb the corporate ladder, ultimately landing as the Vice President of Human Resources for a global healthcare company.

I was great at my job and there was nothing “wrong” on the outside, but on the inside my soul felt like it was dying. There was a constant gnawing, an ever-present whisper of wanting to do more with my life, to make a profound impact in this world. To see what I was truly capable of…

While working that job, my higher self came back again and again, reminding me that I’m not getting out alive, so it’s time to play big and leap.

So I did just that. (After being paralyzed by fear for 2 years, which inspired me to become a fear expert so I can help world changers like you. It was even my big idea worth spreading for TEDx)

Today, I’m the CEO of The Litt Factor, a 7-figure human growth and potential company...and I feel like I’m just getting started.

My work has served thousands of women across the globe and has been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, and My book, Worthy Human is a #1 best seller in Spiritual Growth and Mindset.


Angela Wood & Sandra Martin
Two Women Living in Different States Starting a Business Together Without EVER Being in the Same Room

We are Angela and Sandra CEOs of Her Business Society. Two multi-passionate entrepreneurs giving women permission to create a business on their terms. Starting as individual business owners with totally different backgrounds one as a corporate America 9-5er and the other a stay-at-home teen mom. 

In 2020 we decided to create a business together based on what we wanted and not what we were being told we were supposed to do. From services to products Her Business Society is the ultimate resource for women in business.


Jennifer Grayeb
Burnout to Balanced

Jennifer Grayeb is the CEO of The Nimble Co., a consulting group focused on helping online business owners better understand their numbers so they can make data-driven and profit-generating marketing decisions.

In 2019, she left her senior strategy role at a Fortune 5 company where she had 5 roles in just 7 years. While there, in just 2 years she built a productivity blog that reached over 2 million page views per year, which she went on to sell.

She's been mentioned in 3 books and is a regular contributor to as a member of their business expert panel.

While there has been a lot of public "successes", there has also been a lot of behind-the-scenes burnout. And betting on herself has led her to a new version of success. 


Natasha Samuel
Overcome The Fear Of Showing Up To Shine

Natasha is the host of The Shine Online Podcast and an Instagram Strategist that helps small businesses shine online. In my last semester of college, I noticed business owners struggled to feel confident showing up on Instagram video which inspired my own business. Through intensive strategy days, digital resources and education, Natasha helps you build your brand on the ‘Gram with a video strategy that is fulfilling and fun without the overwhelm.


Brittany Antonijevic
From the Ground Up: Rebuilding Yourself Through Trauma

After years of childhood trauma, I was forced to be on my own and forge my own path at a very young age. I worked several jobs until I finally landed what I thought was my dream job in the corporate world. Like many other women, I faced a rude awakening of toxic masculinity in the work place and realized quickly that that environment was not for me. But what I did learn is that my passion was to help women succeed in the business world. Through this transition, I started a business with my husband that quickly went from 0 to 20 million a year in revenue. This experience gave me both the confidence & knowledge to start my own venture and help women do the same.


Jamie King
How to Pivot from High Ticket to More Passive Digital Offers to Gain Time Freedom

Jamie Joslin King aka The Slay Coach, is an online marketing educator, and business mentor for female Entrepreneurs. But first and foremost, a homeschool and world traveling mother of 3! While nursing, running to sports practices, teaching, she's helped hundreds of women build 6-7 figure brands. Her clients have grossed over $20 Million in revenue.

She is the founder of The Sladyboss networking series & podcast, and the host & founder of The Summit of Slay.

She prides herself on genuine connection and community, and events she brings together thousands of women, from all different backgrounds, from all around the world, together.




Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW
What Wealth Looks Like to Me: Entrepreneurship as a First Generation Nigerian Immigrant

Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW, is one of the go-to Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coach & Consultant for online business owners.
Before she became one of the leading Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Experts in the online entrepreneur industry, she was a passionate Mental Health Therapist with 9 years of experience helping hundreds of business owners identify and crush the negative thought patterns and behaviors.

Now- she helps business owners learn and develop mindset & emotional intelligence skills so that they can lead their teams and their businesses with confidence, while not losing their mind in the process.


Daniel Patterson
The Clarity of Trauma — Starting Imperfectly, Failing Forward, and Inviting Success into Your Life

I taught for ten years, and spent four more as a high school administrator. I was tired; addicted; depressed; and barely holding on. After getting sober in 2015 — I lost my best friend to suicide at work — and knew this life had more for me than I was allowing. On a Tuesday I took a mental health leave from school — never to return. Born over night, void of a plan, was Patterson Perspective — and ever-changing education-centered coaching and consulting practice. In the past six years, I’ve written two best-selling books, written for national publications, done the morning tv and podcast circuit, and quadrupled my income — all by being vulnerable and open about my shortcomings, failures, and recovery. Today, I’m embarking on a second company (still keeping the first), writing my third book — and remain deeply committed to working on my own terms, being home with my wife and three kids — and letting the journey take me where it will.


Vanessa Love
From Food Stamps to $130k in a Year

I had always been interested in everything metaphysical  - I remember reading my mom’s astrology books when I was in high school. I was already intuitive and psychic - but I wasn’t connecting to it yet. 
When I started working, I found myself in roles to support women: I did holistic massage, cosmetology, organic skin care sales, and then became an esthetician. I just wanted women to feel their absolute best!
I found energy work shortly after becoming an esthetician and really became obsessed with it. I started learning Reiki and everything opened up and exploded for me. That was my entry point into mysticism.
I started practicing Reiki on my skin care clients and then I started teaching Reiki to other massage therapists and estheticians. I got to be connected with hundreds of people and introduce them to something truly special.
When the pandemic started and the salons closed, I knew it was time to take my talents online. I invested in myself and embraced the fear to launch an online business.
In August 2020, I had my first online launch and by August 2021 I had made over $130k in my business.
Now I assist soulful entrepreneurs with upgrading their frequency and energy, through Reiki classes, 1:1 coaching, and my powerful energy work program: The Wealth Codes.


Noemi Aguilar-Horta
How I Found My Calling to Serve My Family By Becoming an Entrepreneur

From being a teen mom, college drop out and working endless hours at jobs that were mentally draining, I finally found what moved me in life and realized that I was no longer just breathing, but I am now ALIVE. I now have 2 businesses I run from the comfort of my home. I am a bookkeeping and tax professional that is a 6 figure virtual firm and also have a course that teaches the skill of bookkeeping to other moms because I know how it feels, and I knew that there are more ladies out there that have the same skills as I do and need to break free from the chains of trading their time for money. I am passionate about teaching moms to build their business with NO degree, fancy office, or endless time wasted!


Jordan Gill
How Creating and Selling VIP Days Changed My Life

Jordan Gill, operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files, and inbox. She’s been on podcasts like What Works and CEO Vibes sharing her love of replacing monthly retainers with one-day virtual intensives. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her Cavapoo Vivienne and collection of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.


Mia Lauren
Burnt Out, Overwhelmed, & An Absent Wife + Mom - How The Lack of Boundaries & Missing My Husband's Birthday Created An Aligned Business

In 2018, Mia was burnt out, depressed, and regularly prayed that a car would hit her on her way to her 9-5 job. With a deployed husband, a sick baby, and no family living near her, Mia felt alone and hopeless. Everything changed when she discovered the online world. She left her corporate job and discovered the freedom of working for herself. Normally these stories end with butterflies and rainbows and sparkles but for Mia, navigating the online world while figuring out her purpose posed yet another challenge. The road to success is not linear, and sometimes it takes an identity crisis to step into the most aligned version of yourself!


Hilary Krueger
You Don't Need a Degree to Make Money, You Just Need THIS

A hairstylist, to stay at home mom, and a waitress who silently listened to all the entrepreneur podcasts, read all the books, and secretly wanted to have her own business. But with no degree, she felt if she launched a business it needed to be on the backs of her husbands masters degree. She could quietly be the behind the scenes.

After growing 2 successful businesses with him forward facing, one day he said he just “wasn’t an online guy.” ...So she thought well damn. I’ll help 1 person like him and be the behind the scenes again. Only she ended up getting 52 people interested. And her business was born.

Hear how she got 52 people interested off just 1 post. The story of how that came to be. (It’s not magic, but it does work.) and leave knowing what the secret sauce is to growing a thriving multiple 6 figure business that you have and you just might not know how to use it.. Yet.


Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi 
Resilience in Leadership: Your Permission to Fail

From No! to WHOA!, this mommy dentist has failed forward personally and professionally. She is a wife, mom of two, and is CEO of three thriving pediatric dental businesses along with being a best selling author, professor, mentor and speaker. Dr. Anamelechi is a guest oral health informant for NBC, ABC, and CBS. Her non stop creative energy has taken her into guest editing a book series "What Should Mommy Do...For Her Child's Oral Health" being released Spring 2022 and curating a new subscription service for busy families.


Miles Hanson
How Building Ethical Marketing Ecosystems Saved My Business

From bro marketing freelancer to building heart-centered marketing ecosystems and running my own business. I'm a coach, markitect, designer, copywriter, and co-host of "The Subtle Art of Not Yelling" podcast. I'm a multi-passionate creative who loves helping coaches, healers, and creatives build sustainable marketing ecosystems. I'm on a mission to eradicate bro marketing and toxic funnelinity so we can do ethical marketing that works and feels good. I'm a double Scorpio and love climbing, playing guitar, Shakey Graves, coffee, frozen mangos, and a crisp west coast IPA.


Dominique Wilson
How I Stopped Overcompensating and Started Living

I’m Dominique Wilson and I'm an advertising creative, content creator, and entrepreneur with a passion for making life (and business) a little easier using storytelling!

For as long as I can remember, I've loved storytelling. I’ve always been fascinated by how much our lives center around it. And how much all of my passions and interests use it.

I wrote tons of “books” as a child. I almost subconsciously share stories when making friends. My teaching style is filled with storytelling. And I find delight in knowing other people are comfortable sharing their stories with me too!

As an advertising creative by day and a Self Acceptance & Color Therapy Coach by night, I quickly noticed a huge gap between what works for large, corporate brands and what works for small, personal brands: ones often run by small teams, and even teams of one.

So I combined what I love and what I know — how to dissect a brand story and find opportunities to share it in as many ways as possible — to teach entrepreneurs how to become confident storytellers so they can grow their audience.


Nicole Nieves
Courage is Queen: Own Your Vibe. Chase Your Passions. Run The World.  

From ex-corporate marketing executive to multi-six figure CEO (and mom of 3 "growing-all-too-fast" little men), Nicole Nieves is a brand consultant and Latina founder of her marketing agency, The Brand Vibe. She credits her hustle and heart to her mama (a queen who went from teen mom to COO, never allowing a stereotype to limit her potential) and her entrepreneurial drive to her father (a 3-time business owner who was never at a loss for game-changer ideas). This combination has shaped her into the woman she is today—one who believes that everyone is uniquely qualified to contribute something impactful in this world. Today, Nicole is on a mission to empower leaders to own their vibe, market (and monetize!) their genius, and build ambitious, iconic brands aligned to their lifestyle.